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Endless – A Poem

February 7, 2019

Where are you now
Demon raising hell in my heart
You know not what you have wrought
Forgotten was I the moment you sought

Spreading your flames with every step
Sparing not a glance for the wreckage left

Speared with an arrow of ice
I almost saw the glint of it in your eye

From man to demon you have transformed
Who is to blame, the lamb or the fox?

I was blinded, charmed by venom as bright as the sun
So many words, fast as cobras, they bit into my heart
When did the poison become intermingled with love?

Breaths taken together,
Promises made of an eternity to come
Broken in the tiny spaces
Of indecision and doubt

One sided, you almost appeared to be a diamond
The spikes on the other side peeking out
Yet still shrouded

I caught glimpses, but it was too late from the beginning
A fly can’t escape when the web has already encased it

Mesmerized, I could do nothing but stare
Even the impending doom of heartache couldn’t interfere

Something hidden deep under layers of skin
Who could have known there was nothing but hollow within

Ha! Anyone and everyone could have hunted out the snake
But only a fool would’ve been fool enough
To know deep within
See her own demise reflected, yet
Throw caution to the wind

I stepped into the lion’s den
Reading the signs that screamed
“Turn back, turn back!”
Innocent, I could barely comprehend
That which was to come
Was nothing but a time-tested trap

Every moment burned and tattooed into my flesh
Every word said, loudly ringing over and over again, no rest
Screams on the inside, questions unanswered
How do you accept that it just did not matter?

I railed against the gods that do not exist
Vengeance in my heart, flowing like a river on a stormy day
Bitterness and hate clouded the skies of my mind
Darkness so black, it was the only guide

Ridiculous plans touched with a bit of insanity
No one to understand the drive of misery

The whispers of the voices softly beckon
To let loose the waves of tears that threaten
But the anger is hiding the pain,
And not so easily can it bear to quit

When everything is at stake,
And you simply cannot afford to break,
Creative can be the heart
In turning even the darkest of aches
Into glimmering beacons no one can shake

I let myself slip
Into a sea of feeling I always knew would exist
It touched a part of me so deep
It destroyed everything in which I believed

In a twist of cruel humor
The tide of beautiful sea shells
Came bearing thousands of thorns
Even while I basked in the glory
I could feel the stings as they tore apart my skin

The wounds have closed up now
But yet they still bleed
Even tasting of blood,
The knowing can’t quite quell the need

I fought so hard to illicit a response
Hoping for a hint, a glint, or a spark

A demon in search of sin
You wanted nothing more than to win
I count my stars for even lost in the torrid
I kept the best parts of me hidden.

Even as I used the last of my strength
To whisper goodbye, breathless
You pulled me closer winding me tighter in your web

It felt so sweet,
I can still taste the taste
Till the very last moment,
A lover intent on not letting a second go to waste.

Dawn to dusk
It played on as I flew high
Only seconds away was the message
The one to which my hopes were tied

So cold, so callous!
Nectar turned to bitter crushed fallen leaves
A surprise, yet not quite one
Hindsight always reveals the unheard pleas.

I’m lying now by the fire,
so warm, a feeling of replete
The one who deserves everything
Sitting barely a hair away
At my feet

Yet in the flames, the shadows playing tricks on my eyes
Why is it your face that I spy?

How can I forget,
The devil cannot be escaped
Mountain, sea, thunder, or fire
Your ghost will always find me.

Someday, vanquished from my thoughts will your name be
You never knew mine, oh how it riles me!

For now, I pick out the poison piece by piece
The shards of glass, so out of reach

Every sunrise as the clock turns once more
Reset and repeat,
Your song can be heard all the way to my core

You must have known the power you held over me
How could I have been quite so weak?

So long ago it was, and oh so brief
An hour of stolen moments
Yet an eternity of endless grief.

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