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Relaxing FALL Night Routine

October 6, 2018

Fall is such a beautiful and heartwarming season. Colorful leaves scattered all over the ground, cozy sweaters, pumpkins, pies, fluffy socks, fire-lit snuggles…fall just has its own unique vibe!

As I enter this beautiful season, my night routine has really been taking on a whole new look and today, I wanted to share my own version of a perfect and super calming, relaxing fall night routine. Hopefully, you guys will find some inspiration and incorporate some of these ideas into your own fall night routines!

“Zero Out” Kitchen

I don’t know how or why I started referring to the process of cleaning up the kitchen as “zeroing out” the kitchen, but it’s a thing now (lol!). Basically, when the kitchen is sparkling clean, that’s my baseline and my goal every evening is to make sure I return the kitchen back to it’s baseline zero status.

This means grabbing all the dirty dishes from the entire house, washing them or rinsing them and popping them into the dishwasher. Putting away any food that’s been left outside – leftovers go in containers and into the fridge, pantry goods go back into the pantry, and spice containers back to my spice rack. Then I wipe down all the counters with my homemade multipurpose cleaner. I also wipe off the stove and clean the sink. Once everything is put away and the kitchen is sparkling clean, the last step is to pause and let out a happy sigh while I admire my handiwork!


After my kitchen is “zeroed out”, I like to continue on with a little bit of decluttering. Nothing is more relaxing to me than a clean and organized space! There have even been some studies done that show how a tidy space can help relax you by eliminating a ton of distractions from your space.

I start off with picking up stuff that’s thrown around the floor or stacked on that one cluttered chair we all have. I put everything away back in its home. Dirty clothes go in the hamper, clean clothes go into the closet. I set out my outfit for the next day.

Once my place is tidy, I move on to the next step!

Shower/Wash Feet

If I didn’t shower, I like to take a nice relaxing hot shower after I’m done with all of my cleaning. If I did shower, I usually like to wash my feet before I get into bed. It’s surprising how dirty your feet can get during the day, so this one is an absolute must for me! If it’s cold outside, washing my feet with hot water warms me up as an added bonus.

Brush My Teeth & Skincare Routine

It’s finally time to start getting ready to get into my cozy bed. So, the next step is to get into my night clothes, brush my teeth, pop in my retainers and do my nightly skincare routine. Basically, I take care of all my bathroom needs so I can bid my bathroom farewell for the night.

Candles and/or Cozy Lights

I’m not too big of a fan of candles but if I happen to have some on hand, I light them up at this point to fill up my room with some lovely fall scents. Usually though, I’ll simply turn on my cozy Christmas lights which I have strung around my room all year long. I just love the look of soft twinkling lights shining in my room when it’s dark outside!

Essential Oils

Next, I fill up my essential oil diffuser with some water and a few drops of some combination of my favorite essential oils (almost always lavender + another scent). I LOVE my essential oil diffuser! It’s ridiculously relaxing to see the mist flowing up into the air. I also like playing around with the lights and deciding what color I’m really feeling on that particular evening.

Soft Music

With all of the other things happening in my space, the only thing missing by this point is some soft music! I usually go on Youtube, find a relaxing music mix I like, and turn it on with the volume at restaurant-level pitch. Loud enough to fill my room with some soft background music but not loud enough to be distracting.

Comfy Cozy Bed

By now, the mood is totally set, I’m feeling relaxed, and it’s the perfect time to finally get into my cozy bed and start warming up under my comforter! The music is playing, the air is filled with a lovely scented mist and my golden lights are twinkling around the room. The kitchen is clean, the house is clean, and my worries are cast aside for the night!

Habit Tracking

After I get situated in my bed, I grab my journal and habit tracking sheet, and I mentally go over my whole day and check off the habits that I successfully completed on my sheet. I reflect on what habits I didn’t get in and why that happened and set my intentions for the next day.


Finally, I grab my Kindle and get busy reading! Reading is one of my most favorite things to do in the whole wide world and I rarely go a single day without reading. Whether it’s a romance novel or a nonfiction book, there’s always a book or two I’m reading at any given moment in time.

I usually stick to reading nonfiction books at night since I like to read those in shorter chunks versus if I read a fiction book, it results in me staying up ALL night finishing the story!


Once my reading for the night is concluded, it’s time to fall asleep and by this point, that endeavor doesn’t require much effort on my part since I’m warm, cozy, relaxed, and my melatonin levels are exactly where they need to be.

This is my ideal relaxing fall night routine! While every night doesn’t go quite exactly like this, most of my nights include sort of variation of these activities. I find that all of these activities help me de-stress and relax and really put me in the perfect mood to end my night on a content and positive note! What’s your current fall night routine? Do you do any of the things from my list? Tell me down in the comments below!

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